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Introduction of Faculty of Foreign Languages

Thứ năm - 19/03/2020 09:27
Introduction of Faculty of Foreign Languages
                                                                              “A different language is a different vision of life.”
                                                                                                                            Federico Fellini

The faculty has a nationally renowned academic team. The dedicated full-time staff handles 70% of the teaching at the university. The remainder is taught by visiting lecturers from Vietnam and abroad. We focus on Business English and Interpretation Studies. The full Bachelor's program, namely Curricula for Training Bachelor of Degree in Business English and in Interpretation Studies take eight terms with 131 credits. The curricula integrate both skills and content to effectively train students’ mindset and provide targeted work experience gained with our numerous partners in Hoan Cau Group and enterprises in the South Central region. Every year, the curricula and pedagogical methods are continuously being renewed and improved to meet the demands of the global age.

                                     Seminar of Translation in teaching and learning English
                                                              Seminar of Tesol
                                                          English classes with native teachers

With the motto: "Better English, Better Future” and “Each student will become a connector to other languages and cultures”, Faculty of Foreign Languages (FoFL) has consistently made great efforts to provide students with the most innovative and dynamic study environment. Every year, activities are held for FoFL students to participate in musical shows, sports festivals and speaking contests, the Green Summer Campaign, Blood Donation, etc. QTU also has scholarship policies to provide support for students in financial need.
                                                    Students' activities

English Under-graduates from FoFL, Quang Trung University are skilled, creative and knowledgeable. After a Bachelor's, most students go on to take a follow-on Master’s program. In addition, they are thoroughly equipped, as employees and as citizens, to enter society.
                                                                             Graduation Ceremony

Please take part in our Open Day in April 2020 to explore our campus.
Room C 305, Quang Trung University,
327 Dao Tan Street, Nhon Phu Ward, Binh Dinh Province
Email: khoann@qtu.edu.vn

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